The Focus Hub: Daily Task Management Notion Template

The Focus Hub: Daily Task Management Notion Template

I've been a student of productivity for the past 20 years. Having started with GTD and evolved my system over that time. I've used ALL the apps but could never find one that fit me quite right. They all had their own view of project and task management that I had to try to fit into. So when I found Notion I knew I had found something special, that I could build to fit my needs and have it evolve over time as my system grew and evolved.

And that's how the Focus Hub came to life.

I took everything I knew about productivity and dumped it into a notion workspace and have been building and molding it into a space that I genuinely love to be in every day to get work done and move projects forward. I've used it to complete well over 100 projects in the last year. But more than that I built it to warn me when I've overcommitted or put too much into my weekly schedule. And it pushes me to work on only the highest ROI tasks instead of just jumping on the endless train of busy work.

If you want a system that not only helps you get more done but does that in a sustainable way, not an icky toxic productivity way - then the Focus Hub is probably for you.

Plus, as usual, it's a beautiful workspace to work in and look at every day. So you'll actually want to look at your task list daily.

The Focus Hub is A Task Management System That:

  • Pushes you to work on your highest ROI Tasks not just jump on the busy work train
  • Brings everything into view so you can see the micro as well as the macro view at the same time
  • Shows you what you need when you need it, so you can focus on work and never miss the important things
  • Is built for success rather than failure by making sure you never take on too many things at one time

What's included in The Focus Hub

  1. The Focus Hub Template
  2. Duplicate the Focus Hub Template into your workspace and customise it for the way you work. Multiple views and modules allow you to customise it for how you want to work. It includes the three main modules: The Status Board, The Weekly Play & The Next Up View.

  3. Canva Header Templates
  4. I build beautiful Notion templates, but everyone deserves a workspace they love to look at. So I'll include some customisable Canva templates where you can create your own headers for each section depending on your aesthetic.

  5. The Slow Productivity On-Demand Workshop
  6. This is a 90-minute workshop where I'll walk you through all the ins and outs of the template, how to plan your first cycle, plan your weeks with the weekly review and other tips on staying focused and getting work done. Access the workshop on-demand, anytime you're ready to jump in.

  7. Direct Access to me (Ev)
  8. It is my absolute favourite thing to help people build epic Notion workspaces that power their daily workflows. You'll have direct access to me via Twitter DM's & YAC Voice Communication.

  9. Lifetime Access to Updates & Resources.
  10. This is a one-time payment product. You'll always have access to the members area with resources and updates to the templates as they are released.

The Status Board

  • Work in Cycles. Plan your work in 8-week cycles. Don't over-commit. Get more done.
  • Track projects from start to finish with automatic progress bars
  • Use Hill Charts to see the overall status of a project.
  • Watch projects visually get complete
  • Set constraints to finish projects rather than having them drag on for months and months.


2. The Weekly Play

  • Use weeks to sprints to power through your work, move projects forward and balance the work you put on your task lists
  • Use the weekly planner to balance out the work you do each day by seeing at a glance what you've planned for each day.
  • Time block your days so you work on the same types of tasks on certain days
  • Close the loop on things your waiting for or have handed off to others.
  • + Some exciting new updates are coming to Notion before the launch which will mean there will be some EPIC new ways to view your tasks.


The Next Up Board

  • Have future tasks pop up in the tickler section
  • Advance projects forward by always have a next up task
  • Plan your week with a list of all the tasks allocated as up next
  • This is how you move multiple projects forward at one time and not let the spinning plates slip


As this is a Notion template you will need a Notion account. A free account will be plenty to make this epic template function.

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