1-1 Coaching

I take on a small number of private coaching clients each month. If you’re looking for a more hands-on experience or you’ve bought one of my digital products and want some extra attention to help you get going, an office hours session is for you.

We’ll jump on zoom together and you get my undivided attention for 60 minutes. Some people screen share and we work on their systems, other people have a list of questions they want to pick my brain about. I can also create a more tailored coaching experience over a few sessions if that’s what you need.


  • 60-minute ZOOM session with Ev to ask any questions that are on your mind.
  • Zoom Recording & transcript sent after the meeting
  • A chance to discuss anything to do with:
    • Creative Workflows
    • Note-Taking systems
    • Digital Products
    • Notion, Roam or other note-taking tools
    • Or anything else on your mind.
    • Some of My Expertise that you might want to take advantage of…

      Creative Workflows

      Are you a creator or want to start creating online? Want to get clear on your systems so you can create effortlessly and without burnout? I can help you map out and create a system that is designed uniquely for you.

      Note-Taking & Writing Systems

      Are you struggling to capture your ideas & thoughts into a coherent system that fuels your writing & creative pursuits? I can help build a note-taking ritual that you actually enjoy and that fuels all of your creation.

      Digital Product Strategy & Creation

      In 18 months I’ve launched over 12 digital products & made over $30k. I love helping people leverage their knowledge & find the digital products hiding in their content. If you’ve got something in mind let’s chat.