The Daily Creator Course

The Daily Creator Course


Get Your Creator World Organised: Discover A System For Creating Content That Feels EASY & Helps You Publish 100x Faster.

In the last year I have created:

  • 6000 Social Media Posts
  • 120+ Essays, Articles & Videos
  • 352k Eyes on my content
  • 13,200 New Humans In My Tribe
  • $38k In Creator Revenue
  • 3,800 Customers For My Digital Products

And I’m not a full-time creator.

Being a content creator can be the most fun thing in the world. And then on other days, it can feel like you’re on a nightmare hamster wheel to nowhere. Once we get past the imposter syndrome and we actually start to put consistent content out on the internet most creators end up feeling like ‘this is harder than I thought.’ and struggle to get past that.

  • You feel like you are constantly in ‘hustle mode.’
  • You feel like you every day it’s a struggle to get content published & it’s not getting easier
  • You feel disorganised and like a ‘hot mess’ most of the time
  • You feel like you’re constantly wasting time because you don’t have an efficient way to create & publish content.

You tell yourself it will get easier the more you do it… but it doesn’t & now you’re worried you’ll either burn out or fizzle out before you even really have got started.

So. Imagine This Instead…

Rather than pushing or striving to create & publish content. Content spills & flows out of you as a natural outcome of a rich daily creative practice you develop & the systems you have to support that practice. Sound delightful? I bet it does. And in the daily creator course, I want to show you how you can ultimately get your creator world organised & build systems that make it feel EASY & sustainable for your lifestyle.

James Clear says you rise & fall to the level of your systems. And your creator systems will form the foundation for building a sustainable creative practice where:

  • Your ideas are organised & laid out so you know exactly what to work on next.
  • Your processes are clear and publishing content is easy & fast.
  • You spend less time spinning your wheels creating content & more time doing things you love.
  • You discover a joy you never had before when creating content & it’s that joy that drives you to keep going.

I guarantee that when you embrace and embody the lessons in this course creating will feel SO EASY that content will simply flow and spill out of you constantly.

We’ll Build Your Sustainable Creative Practice With Three Pillars:


Develop The Mindset of a Daily Creator

Develop the mindset of someone who creates daily. Learn how to shift yourself from a wannabe to a prolific creator.


Create The Structures To Support Your Practice

Discover the 10x Daily Creator Systems to build a structure that supports & sustains you (and doesn't lead to burnout!)


Build Rituals To Align With Your Inner Creative Rhythm

Don't fight against your natural creative rhythms... lean into them & build daily/weekly/monthly rituals to support them

This isn't another 'Here's How To Hustle Your Way To Being A Creator' Course.

It's designed to help you lean into a joyful & sustainable creative practice where output flows naturally & effortlessly

What’s Included In The Daily Creator Course?

  • Video & Text Module Content That walks you through how to Build Your Daily Creator System
  • Explore the 10x Daily Creator System Deep Dives - I’ll deep dive & help you build the 10 systems to support your practice.
  • The Daily Creator Mindsets. Work through the shifts you’ll need to make to go from hustle to ease in your creative practice.
  • 3x Daily Creator Rhythms. Build your routines & rituals to show up in your creative space each day.
  • Plug & Play Notion & Tana Templates to get you creating fast (these are optional to use, but helps you get started quickly)
  • Circle Community for accountability & support from other creators committed to the journey


The 10 Daily Creator Systems That Make Creating Content Feel Insanely EASY!

These 10 Daily Creator Systems form the backbone of our practice. They’ll support you, help you create more with ease & make you feel like an organised super creator! We’ll cover each in the course modules & then we’ll BUILD & use them TOGETHER.

1/ The ATOMIC IDEA Builder

How To Build An Endless Library Of Ideas That Become Content (not just content ideas)

2/ The BIG EASY Framework

How to work on multiple ideas at the same time & harness the power of attention to make publishing feel easy

3/ The REMIX Method

Discover how to multiply one piece of content into multiple ideas over and over again

4/ The BOTTOMS UP Niche Builder

Don’t choose a niche… let a niche choose you


View your content as ‘shots on goal’ and follow the trail of your top-performing content

6/ The RE-USE & RECYCLE Framework

Turn Long-Game content into multiple short-game content ideas that drive traffic back to it

7/ The 1x1 PILLAR Focuser

Choose one platform & one medium to create your signature content (so you don’t get overwhelmed or water down your efforts)

8/ The EXPERT Product Builder

Turn your content into expert products to build a sustainable creator income

9/ The SQUIRREL Away Method

How to store content away for the inevitable winter times (so you always have something to publish no matter how you feel)

10/ The LONG-GAME Traffic Booster

Make your content work for you even when you’re not working it (& long after social media views have disappeared)

And don’t worry if you’re rubbish with systems. I’ll be there every step of the way to help you build these systems into your own routines. We’ll work together to hone them to your style of working and in the end, they’ll feel like an extension of yourself.

Who is the Daily Creator Course Suited For:

✅ Anyone who creates content and is sick of it feeling HARD all the time

✅ Creators who feel like content creation takes them too long because they are constantly disorganised & feel like a ‘hot mess’ most of the time.

✅ Creators who fear burning out (or worse have burned out) from the constant hamster wheel of content creation and want a different way to work.

✅ Part-Time creators who need to optimise their creative time in the midst of work & other commitments.

✅ Creators who want to experience the joy of creating again.

❌ I’ll just put it out there now… this is not for you if you’re looking for a ‘quick fix’ or to grow as fast as you can (there are a lot of other courses out there that will teach you that).

You also don’t have to be some tech-head to take this course. I’ll be focusing much less on the technology side of systems and more on the concept side of the systems you need (but I’ll also be here to help you build whatever tech you need too

Get Your Creator World Organised. Discover An Easier & Faster Way To Create The Content You Need. Become A Daily Creator


Daily Creator COURSE

✅ Access To Module Content

✅ Plug & Play Notion & Tana Templates

✅ Access to Circle Community

✅ Lifetime Course Updates

$147 USD

One-off payment (upgrade anytime)


Daily Creator COACH

✅ Access To Module Content

✅ Plug & Play Notion & Tana Templates

✅ Access to Circle Community

✅ Lifetime Course Updates

✅ 1:1 Kick-Off Strategy Call With Ev

  • Complete A Systems Audit
  • Map Out Your Content Plan
  • Identify Product Opportunities

✅ Group Coaching call once a month

$147 USD/Month

Monthly payments (no lock-in period)


Daily Creator COACH

✅ Access To Module Content

✅ Plug & Play Notion & Tana Templates

✅ Access to Circle Community

✅ Lifetime Course Updates

✅ 1:1 Kick-Off Strategy Call With Ev

  • Complete A Systems Audit
  • Map Out Your Content Plan
  • Identify Product Opportunities

✅ Group Coaching call once a month

✅  Save $550+ per year on monthly membership

$1200 USD/Year

Annual Payments (auto-renewed)

Hey, I’m Ev 👋

I’m a content creator & creative entrepreneur. In 2021 I started writing online & haven’t stopped. I’ve built a significant audience on Twitter in that time and sold my digital products into the hands of over 5000 people.

I’ve been featured on The Gumroad Podcast, Passionfroot Creators On Air & The Public Show With Kevon Cheung.

I create digital products & courses to help other creators harness the power of systems to create a sustainable creative practice they love and a business they won’t burn out from.

I’m a Notion Ambassador and the founder of the Tana Fast Start Course - so I know a thing or two about building systems. And I’ve worked with real people for the last 10 years watching them use my systems in the real world - so I know a thing or two about how people work.

I hope you’ll join me for the Daily Creator Course - let’s build sustainable creator lives together!

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You Might Be Asking Some Questions:

Do I have to publish daily to take this course?

Absolutely not! I’m here to show you the systems that have helped me publish daily. But at the end of the day they are systems for creating. So if you want to create 2x a week - they’ll still apply (but I do guarantee publishing will feel SO EASY that you’ll probably up your publishing cadence

Are you going to lock me into Notion or Tana?

Nope. Systems are more than just software. I’ll be teaching you the concept of the systems I’ve built and then we’ll help you apply those concepts into any tool of your choosing.

How long will it take complete the course?

This is a pre-launch product, so I’m still recording the modules. I’ll update this FAQ with the full length of the course modules once I’m done. I’ll guarantee that each module will be short & packed with hands-on practical system building.

Are there live sessions I need to attend?

The course itself is a fully self-paced course, so you can go through the modules in your own time at your own pace. If you choose the COACH option we’ll meet once a month for a group coaching session.

Will this course show me how to get followers or grow an audience?

In this course, I’ll be focusing solely on the content creation

When will this course be available?

I’ll be ready to open the doors to the modules & the community on 1st February.