Tana Fast Track Course

Tana Fast Track Course

I knew Tana was going to be the tool for me from the moment I saw the marketing video. Nodes + structure all in one tool... a match made in heaven.

In less than 24 hours I had the majority of my Tana setup and ready to go. The Tana team were speechless, people in the Slack community wondered if I even slept (I didn't those first few days)...


But the more I spent time in Slack, the more I realised that for some people there was still a learning curve and they were wandering around their first few days (weeks) wondering if they got it 'right.'

This is why I've created the Tana Fast Track Course 🎉

Rather than spend a weekend down the Tana Rabbit hole wandering around on your own, I put this course together to guide you through the maze & get you set up & working in Tana in no time (in fact you could do it in a weekend).

It's designed to get you set up with everything you need and nothing you don't. No complicated ontologies or setups. Just a quick & dirty way to get you on your way to building a Tana workspace that works for YOU.

Highly practical, I'll walk you through the Tana Fundamentals, the mindset shift to make Tana work for you and we'll build some common setups together.

Take what you need, and dump what won't work for you.

What We’ll Cover:

Module 1: Intro To Tana. Learn about how Tana works,

Module 2: The Fundamentals. Learn about the three pillars of Tana & how to use them to get set up: The Daily Page, Supertags & Live Searches. Using only these three tools you'll be able to build ANYTHING in Tana.

Module 3: Common Uses & Setups. We'll cover a bunch of different setups you can use in your workspace including:

  • The Daily Page Setup
  • Work Management
  • Surviving Meetings
  • Knowledge Management
  • Creator Organisation
  • The Weekly Review

+ I'll be adding more in the future to keep the course growing.

Module 4: Next Steps. In the final module, I'll give you some advice on building your workspace from the ground up, not overthinking or over-engineering things.


What You'll Get:

  • 4x Modules to get you started in Tana FAST
  • Handy Reference Guide for all the setups so you can see at a glance how the setups work (it's built-in Tana so you can insert it directly into your workspace & it auto-updates if anything changes)
  • Access to the Tana Fast Start community to get support,
  • Pop-Up Office Hours with Ev
  • Lifetime Access to course updates

Please note you will need to have a Tana account to implement this course

(If you are still waiting for access you can complete this waiting list form and I'll let you know when invites are available - I get new invites every week for people who purchase the course).

Why Buy A Tana Course From Me?

I've been known to be a great teacher (check out my YouTube videos if you want to get my vibe), with a cool vibe & I’m definitely not dry and dusty! Plus, I don't want to push you into my way of doing things... I'll always encourage you to experiment, and find ways that work for you.

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You don't have to go down the Tana rabbit hole all on your own. Let me guide you to get set up & working in Tana quickly & easily.