Tana Fast Track Course

Tana Fast Track Course

I knew Tana was going to be the tool for me from the moment I saw the marketing video. Nodes + structure all in one tool... a match made in heaven.

In less than 24 hours I had the majority of my Tana setup and ready to go. The Tana team were speechless, people in the Slack community wondered if I even slept (I didn't those first few days)...

But the more time I spent in Slack, the more I realised that for some people there was still a major learning curve and they were wandering around their first few days (weeks/months) wondering if they got it 'right.'

This is why I created the Tana Fast Track Course 🎉

Because learning a new tool can be a nightmare. And even though you probably have an idea that Tana could be the tool to help you organise yourself & your work you still don’t have time to go wandering down Youtube Rabbit Holes or getting lost in the Slack community for weeks on end. You need a fast way to get started.

And so I put Tana Fast Track together to help guide you through the maze so you can start working in Tana…. FAST.

It's designed to get you set up with everything you need and nothing you don't. No complicated ontologies or setups. Highly practical, I’ll walk you through learning the Tana Fundamentals as we build the setups & workflows - so you’re not just learning abstract concepts, but you’re putting them to practice straight away.

Take what you need, and dump what won't work for you.

What’s Included In The Tana Fast Track Course?

  • 4x Core Teaching Modules to get you started in Tana FAST
  • The TFT Core Template Pack. The best way to learn Tana is to dive into the modules and build the workflows with me as your guide. But, all the completed templates are included as one-click installs if you really need to get started fast.
  • A Handy Reference Guide for all the setups so you can see at a glance how the setups work (it's built-in Tana so you can insert it directly into your workspace & it auto-updates if anything changes)
  • Access to the Tana Fast Start community to get support,
  • Pop-Up Office Hours with Ev
  • Lifetime Access to course updates
  • A Tana Invite for anyone who needs one. If you’re keen to get started in Tana but don’t yet have an invite - don’t worry. Any Tana Fast Track student can be provided with an invite (just DM me on Circle once you’re in and I’ll get you your invite).

+ Tana Fast Track Core Templates Version 2.0 Coming 27th February 2023

As Tana is constantly evolving, so is Tana Fast Track. The course is updated regularly and I am doing the first major upgrade to the Tana Core Templates this February.

What We Cover In The Course:

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Module 1: Intro To Tana

I’ll bring you up to speed fast with what Tana is, how it works, how to get around and what you can expect from the rest of the course.

Module 2: Learn The Fundamentals

Here I break down the three pillars of Tana: The Daily Page, Supertags & Live Searches. And using only these three tools you’ll build everything you need and have a POWERFUL workflow.

Module 3: The Fast Track Core Workflows

In this module, I’ll walk you through building 6 of the most common workflows to help you work and organise yourself in Tana. You’ll have the choice to build them with me (the best way to learn Tana) or install the one-click templates for an even faster start!

  • The Daily Page Workflow - Where all your work happens
  • The Work Hub - Set up a workflow to manage your tasks & projects. Capture new tasks & projects from anywhere, decide on the work that matters most, and close open loops so things get completed!
  • Meeting & People Hub - Whether you are an employee, freelancer or solopreneur you probably have to deal with people or meetings. The People Hub Workflow will help you to organise all that information that often gets locked up in meeting notes & connect it to your work or knowledge hubs.
  • Knowledge Management Hub - A simple way to build your ‘second brain’ in Tana. In our modern world, we are ALL looking for ways to tame the information flow that’s coming in. The Knowledge Hub helps you organise, make sense of & actually USE the knowledge you are acquiring.
  • Content Creators Hub - If you’re a creator (like I am) you’re probably constantly looking for ways to streamline your content creation process. The Content Creation Workflow will help you organise your ideas, find the ones that inspire you the most & get things published on time without the fuss!
  • The Planning & Review Hub - Create simple plans for your weeks & months that take less than 5 minutes to create, and actually achieve what is in your plan… plus never spend more than 30 minutes at the end of the week doing your weekly review.

Module 4: Next Steps

In module 4 we’ll talk about your next steps. How to get the most out of Tana now you’re set up, how to modify any of the workspaces, build your own & if you’re keen join the Tana Academy Membership to get access to new workflows and templates as they become available.

8x hours of video content walking you through the fundamentals of Tana. This isn't just boring 'how to' videos. You’ll get your hands dirty building workflows with me.
8x hours of video content walking you through the fundamentals of Tana. This isn't just boring 'how to' videos. You’ll get your hands dirty building workflows with me.

Tana Fast Track Is More Than Just A Boring Course…

One Page Reference Guide


Every workflow is detailed in the Tana Reference Guide including Supertag setups, searches and configurations.

Install it in your Tana workspace for easy access.

TFT Core Template Pack


The best way to learn Tana is to go through the step-by-step setups with me. But if you're pushed for time, you can simply use the one-click template links to get the full setups into your workspace and be up and running 10x faster than anyone else.

The Tana Fast Track Community


Join over 200+ people who are enthusiastic about getting organised with Tana. Get quick help & feedback, and share workflows & resources in a quieter place than the Tana Slack channels.

Join Over 200+ of our Amazing Students!


Who’s Ev (that’s me)? And Why Should You Buy A Course From Her?


I've been known to be a great teacher (check out my YouTube videos if you want to get my vibe), with a cool vibe & I’m definitely not dry, dusty or BORING!

I’ve been in the Note-Taking & PKM Space for three years building templates & teaching people about apps like Notion, Roam & now Tana. I’m a practitioner at heart, so I like to teach in a highly practical way. This means you won’t get anything complicated from me or stuff you simply don’t need (but you will learn how to build powerful workflows in a simple, easy way).

Plus, I don't believe in pushing anyone into ONE WAY of doing things... I'll always encourage you to experiment, and find the best way that works for how you work.

Here's what some people have to say about my vibe…

“One of the most approachable, enthusiastic, and creative educators I’ve met - Robert Haisfield

“Ev does an excellent job teaching. This is a nice intro to Tana & some “big sister” like advice… TFT Hacker

“Her way of teaching tremendous knowledge, and a deep understanding of what she teaches combined with her sparkling energy helped me to build my PKM… Monika

“She’s clear and engaging & has a pace that fits my speed of thought… Kristian

“Ev consistently over-delivers in everything she creates… Nicole

“She’s very down to earth and uses “smooth brain” language instead of a bunch of tech terms… Tamera

Super practical & useful… Joe

“Such a rich & extremely pleasant person… Mamdouh

“Excellent demonstrations. Concrete & concise… Scott

What People Are Saying About Tana Fast Track

You Might Be Asking Some Questions:

Do you supply Tana Invites For People Who Join The Course?

Yes! If you need a Tana Invite reach out to me after you’ve purchase the course via DM in the Circle community & I’ll get one to you.

Tana Is Still In Early Access. Can I Trust It For All My Workflows?

My answer to this would be YES (& also I have). The Tana team have ben working behind the scenes for a year to bring Tana to where it is today. As a beta product it is the best I’ve seen and they continue to bring out updates almost every week

With Tana being updated often, does the course get updated?

Yes! With each new update that Tana introduces I update the course modules either with a small text addendum or an extra video (or if it’s a big update - a whole new module). Often Tana updates in the Slack channel are quite technical - so I also help you break down the updates for what you can practically do with the update

Do I have to be technical to use Tana (or have a PKM background)

Not at all. I’ll walk you through step by step each of the fundamentals of Tana and the workflows. Depending on your level of technical abilities you can speed up or slow down at any time.

You don't have to go down the Tana rabbit hole all on your own. Let me guide you through getting set up & working in Tana quickly & easily.