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Hey, I’m Ev.

By day I do marketing (don’t hold that against me please) and in my spare time, I’m a part-time creator. I’ve been writing online daily since March 2021, you might be familiar with my Little Yellow Essays. I’ve written over 300 of them & they are pretty hard to miss on Twitter.

Read my top 5 essays here:

Want to go down the rabbit hole? You can always browse through the whole catalogue, or break it down by Creator Workflows, Knowledge Management or Lifestyle Design.

I Create Digital Products

I 💛 creating digital products that help part-time creators publish content effortlessly. Learn the art of note-making for creators and how to use your notes to create more content than ever with my Consumer 2 Creator Lab Course. Organise your creator life with The Focus Hub Notion Workspace. Or learn how to build & launch your first product using Notion with the On-Demand Workshop. And finally, get started with the Part-Time Creator Stack.

I also have HEAPS of free templates on my Gumroad Page (more than I could list here)

Right. So you want even more?

I’m most active on Twitter, I also dabble around making fun Instagram content. Or to stay in the loop sign up to my weekly newsletter - the Weekly 3x3 where I share my best content of the week written by me and some of my friends.

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