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Hey, I'm Ev 👋, I've been floating around the internet since sitting in a high school computer lab in 1998 waiting for the dial tone to connect.

After failing miserably at this creator thing for the past 10 years, leaving a wake of old blogs, vlogs & podcasts full of cobwebs - I finally unlocked the boost button 🚀 in 2021 & became a bonafide creator (by bonafide I mean I managed to show up every day with words on the screen, make some actual money and have a few people say they like what I do).

By day I do marketing (but please don’t hold that against me please) and in my spare time, I’m a part-time creator and have been writing online daily since March 2021. You might already be familiar with my Little Yellow Essays which show up most days on Twitter.

Instead of grinding on the endless hamster wheel of content creation. I discovered that I could take that forgotten bundle of notes I'd been clipping into Evernote for the past 10 years (C’mon, I’m not the only one who has one of these right… right?) and transform them into an endless library of one-of-a kind ideas that I then turn into tweets, essays & articles.

I mostly write on Twitter which is where you’ll find me hanging out most days unless I’m creating new digital products for creators (Which I’ve been known to do from time to time) or playing around on TikTok (how does this thing work?).

Read my top 5 essays here:

Want to go down the rabbit hole? You can always browse through the whole catalogue, or break it down by Creator Workflows, Knowledge Management or Lifestyle Design.

I 💛 Creating Digital Products

I 💛 creating digital products that help part-time creators publish content effortlessly. Learn the art of note-making for creators and how to use your notes to create more content than ever with my Consumer 2 Creator Lab Course. Organise your creator life with The Focus Hub Notion Workspace. Or learn how to build & launch your first product using Notion with the On-Demand Workshop. And finally, get started with the Part-Time Creator Stack.

I also have HEAPS of free templates on my Gumroad Page (more than I could list here)

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