Edition 08: Reading Multiple Books & Trying To 10x Everything


Welcome to The Weekly Digest Edition 08 🎉

It's been an exciting week. 30 Day Experiment Field Guide launched into the world with some great feedback and another cohort of ship30for30 set sail.

Meanwhile, I wrote a permission slip for you to read multiple books at once and it became my highest performing essay OF ALL TIME - you guys must have loved it. And then I explored why we chase the 10x myth at the expense of daily growth.

I'm also BACK ON YOUTUBE, with not just one but two videos:


I'd love to spend some time this week answering some questions from my community. A couple of people suggested to me they would love a live office hours where they could pick my brain for an hour or so and I'm up for it.

But I thought I might try something a-sync first. So I've created this Notion page where you can enter your questions and I'll spend the next week creating some loom video answers.

If you guys like this then I'll try and schedule something once a month.

👉 And don't forget you can Catch up on all my essays here

Interesting things From Around The Web

To get your brain firing, here are some things I've read this week from around the internet that I've found interesting...

Posting on social media every day: the gems habit

I came across this excellent article the other day which articulates so well what I have been doing on Twitter for months, sharing daily insights into what I'm working on, except it does it in a much more eloquent way.

👉 Read here

The creative world needs fewer experts and more explorers

My friend Luke Ayton recommended this podcast from Jay Acunzo and it was spot on. If you've ever suffered from creator's block, this will get you going again.

👉 Read here

15 powerful paradoxes (on growth, business, careers, and life)

This week I started sharing threads into my Notion Growth hub and I'm glad I did because this one from Sahil is FULL of gold. 

👉 Read here

Till next week,


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