Edition 06: Showing Up For Your Future Self With The Right Energy


Welcome to The Weekly Digest Edition 06 🎉

This week I've been head down getting The 30-Day Experiments Field Guide + Tracker ready for next Sunday's launch. If you haven't grabbed your pre-sale copy (Just $5US), do it now.

Think ebook on steroids with the power of Notion and that's what you're getting.
Think ebook on steroids with the power of Notion and that's what you're getting.


This week I was in a contemplative mood, writing about doing things my future self would thank me for. It's amazing how many times we show up for others, but not ourselves. It's one of my favourite essays so far.

I recorded a Racket with my dear friend Emily on Becoming A Prolific Creator. It's just 9 minutes long (and if you listen to it on 2x you can do it 4.5 minutes).

I also wrote about the difference between creative energy and crafters energy and what it takes to consistently ship creative work every day. As well as how to structure your thinking so your Zettelkasten becomes a playground for your mind to create new ideas.

Interesting things From Around The Web

To get your brain firing, here are some things I've read this week from around the internet that I've found interesting...

Habit VS. Ritual. Automatic vs Intentional Behavior

One of the most enlightening articles I've read in a long time about habits, rituals, being intentional, seriously just read it. I literally took so many notes from this short article.

Superhuman Cognitive Stamina. Cognitive budget and maximum human

Not every area of your life has to be filled with options. Actually, the opposite is true. Reduce your options to increase your cognitive stamina.

Gardening as Resistance: Notes on Building Paradise

Maria's article inspired one of my favourite essays, Think In Decades. Her articles are always so beautiful and thought-provoking and this one doesn't disappoint. Learn what gardening can teach us about life.

Till next week, Ev

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