Edition 05: Finding Presence In Your Daily Rhythm

Welcome to The Weekly Digest Edition 05.

It's been a few weeks since I've landed on a Sunday in your inbox. But I'm back with some good things for you.

I'm still writing and publishing daily, and in fact, I wrote about the magic of daily writing this week and how quickly it can compound. If you've ever dreamed of a big writing project (like a book), highly recommend reading this one.

If you've ever felt your day derailed by a mid-morning meeting then you might just be on maker time not manager time. Read about how you can slot into your natural working rhythm


I started reading the book Work Clean By Dan Charnis about Mise En Place for your life and work. It got me thinking about how Preparation and Presence, the first two principles of Mise En Place, lead to the third most powerful principle... presence.

Interesting things From Around The Web

To get your brain firing, here are some things I've read this week from around the internet that I've found interesting...

5 Strategies For Living A Process Driven Life

One of the best articles I've read in a long time. Goals are overrated. It's the processes you live by daily that are the most powerful way to get where you want to go.

Give Away 99% For Free

A concept I've always intuitively lived by. Nicolas Cole talks about how the best creators are not concerned with scarcity of content, but are generous with what they create.

How Content Consumption Can Help Upgrade Your Brain

A great read about Personal Knowledge Management and how to manage the seemingly overwhelming amount of information coming at us daily. Consume the best and block the rest.

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