Edition 01: The Power Of Daily Consistent Action

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This week I joined Dickie Bush's ship 30 for 30 challenge. A challenge where you write 30 atomic essays (250 word essays) for 30 days. I'll be sharing some of my favourite ones each week.

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The Power Of Consistent Daily Action βœ…

We don't know each other yet. But as you hear more from me you'll realise that I am a huge advocate for the power of consistent daily action. It is more powerful than the school you went to, the connections you have, how many Twitter followers, your IQ... if you can outlast everyone else, you win the game.

In Australia we call this 'Doing a Bradbury.' Affectionately named after one of our winter olympians, Steven Bradbury, who won gold at the 2002 Winter Olympics after 4 of his competitors fell on the last lap. You can watch the video here.

To hear more about the power of daily, consistent action, you can read my essay on the topic on Twitter. Click below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Interesting things From Around The Web

To get your brain firing, here are some things I've read this week from around the internet that I've found interesting...

Australia vs Facebook β€” and how regulation is splintering the internet, with Atlassian CEO Scott Farquhar

A very interesting podcast if you got caught up in the Facebook V Australian News Ban, or if you're interested in the future of platforms and the internet.

πŸ‘‰ Listen here

The Complete Guide To Deliberate Practice

I highly recommend watching the video in this article of Benjamin Zander coaching a cellist in front of a live audience. If you are a coach or teacher, there are so many good take aways

πŸ‘‰ Read here

The Age Of Infinite Leverage

If you want to build something on the internet, this article is for you.

πŸ‘‰ Read here

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