(PRO) Creator Toolkit: Notes OS

(PRO) Creator Toolkit: Notes OS


Being a creator can at the same time be the most freeing thing in the world and a noose around your neck. For those who actually get over any kind of imposter syndrome, you suddenly find yourself on a never-ending hamster wheel of content creation.

The more good content you produce, the more your audience craves (demands) more. A lot of creators either fizzle out or burn out. But the types of creators who last (and still enjoy it at the end of the day) conserve their energy while producing prolific content.

They don't do it through hustle or effort.

But have discovered the secret to infinite leverage lies in building a library of knowledge that both compounds over time and provides the building blocks for everything they create. They are the ones who win the game. (PRO) Creator Notes OS is the system I built to fuel my writing practice while at the same time building an asset of notes that form the basis for most of the things I create & I want to show creators how they can do the same.

The (PRO) Creator Content OS System Will Help You:

  • Find sparks of ideas from the content you consume.
  • Form a daily writing inbox habit where you can take the time to think, develop ideas & form a compounding library of knowledge
  • Connect ideas together around clusters so that you have more hope of remembering them.
  • Form a compounding library of knowledge that forms the building blocks for all the content you create.

What's Included In (PRO) Creator Notes OS:

  • Access to the (PRO) Creator Tools: Notes OS (choose either the Notion or Roam Research version).
  • Library & Source Templates. Save content & notes directly into your notes OS with the pre-built templates.
  • Writing Inbox. Never start from a blank page. Dive into your writing inbox each day to think & develop ideas.
  • Knowledge Library. Build a compounding source of notes & ideas that connect together and build into endless ideas for content.
  • Full Video Walkthrough & Setup Guide: Both the Roam & Notion version includes a step-by-step setup and how-to-use guide.

Notion Version


Roam Research Version


Don't keep spinning your wheels as a creator trying to come up with new ideas. Spend time developing a library of atomic ideas that compound over time & become the building blocks for all your content.

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By purchasing this product you'll get access to both the Notion & Roam versions of Notes OS (the aim is to use one tool, not both).