Consumer 2 Creator: The Course

Consumer 2 Creator: The Course

Build Your Personal Content Ecosystem And Discover A More Sustainable Way To Create Content With Ease

Being a creator can be relentless. By the time you've got over imposter syndrome, found some things to write about and some people who want to listen, you suddenly end up on a never-ending hamster wheel and you wonder if you really want to be a creator anyway.

But creating doesn't have to feel that way. You can tap into your overflow and create content with ease and find the joy of being a creator.

Hi, I'm Ev and for the last 10 years, I've been a wannabe creator. After quite a few false starts I finally found my flow this year and have been creating content on the internet daily for the past 7 months.

It's not always easy, but I've found a way to be able to publish with ease, create quality content and build a significant audience. My secret? Creating from overflow.


Create From Your Overflow

Great creators are also great consumers.

And not just passive consumers, but active participants, dancing with the ideas they read and watch & listen to. Over the past 7 months, I've written far more than what you see online. My notes are a rich source of inspiration that I can draw from on any day of the week. They make creating look (& feel) easy.

In this course, I want to show you how you can build your rich inner life of notes and ideas to draw from daily and create content effortlessly and for years to come.

What You'll Get:

  • 4x Video Modules to help you build your consumer to creator system so you can start pulling ideas out of it ASAP.
  • Bonus Modules for implementing the system with Notion, Roam & Obsidian (including templates). The course is largely tool agnostic, but I want to give you the headstart you need in your tool of choice.
  • Access to the Consumer 2 Creator Community for support from others who are taking the course. It's always great to be able to swap notes with others.
  • Lifetime Access to course content, community and curriculum updates as well as pop up sessions with Ev.

Who Is Consumer 2 Creator For?

Aspiring Creators

Who've always had a desire to create, but don't know where or how to get started.

Burnt Out Creators

Who've made a start but quickly run out of steam and want a more sustainable way to create.

Seasoned Creators

Who want to up their game and create a sustainable system that helps them create with ease.

The Course Curriculum

Module 1: Capture. Learn how to collect only the best sources so that your read it later pile doesn't become the black hole it has been in the past.
Module 2: Engage. This isn't high school, we're not writing a book report. Learn how to find the sparks from what you're consuming and extract them out.
Module 3: Spark. Get your mind engaged finding sparks of ideas, letting ideas collide and putting it through your unique filter. We're never regurgitating ideas, we're synthesising them into new ones.
Module 4: Publish. Never start from a blank page and learn how to construct content out of your notes over and over again.
Bonus Module: The Tools & Tech
  • Notion
  • Roam
  • Obsidian

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Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't purchased C2C Template, is that included?
  • Yes the C2C Template will be included as part of the course, you don't need to purchase it seperately.
I have purchased C2C Template previously, will this be different.
  • Yes! When I released the template 6 months ago it was prredominantly a notion template. As it's evolved I've evolved it into a full system that can be implemented in any tool. The course will cover the four principles of Consumer 2 Creator rather than focus on tools
I use another tool for thought apart from Notion, Roam or Obsidian, can C2C still work?
  • Absolutely! I've designed Consumer 2 Creator to be implemented into any note-taking tool. We'll focus on the principles of building a content system that can be implemented with any tool.