Consumer 2 Creator Lab
Consumer 2 Creator Lab

Consumer 2 Creator Lab

Great Creators Consume... With Intent.

It's not a zero-sum game. Great creators are also great consumers. The only difference is they don't stop at consumption. They've learned how to consume content and then remix it with their own ideas to create unique content.

Hi, I'm Ev and I've been consuming content for 20+ years. Filling up notebooks, Evernote accounts, and filing cabinets with all sorts of notes and ideas.

And I've dived into the creator world too.

👉 In 2013 I created a website called She's A geek and reviewed apps and tech. It eventually turned into a business.

👉 I created a Youtube Channel and filmed over 60+ vlogs in 2019.

👉 I've started and stopped numerous podcasts and other creative endeavours along the way.

No matter how many new projects I started, I never seemed to be able to stay consistent. I would always run out of ideas, or run out of steam. It wasn't until I connected the content I was consuming with the content I was creating that everything changed. I started to have more content ideas than I knew what to do with. The ideas kept growing and evolving, and people started reading and validating the content I was publishing.

And it all came down to the system I built.

Well, not so much a system, but an ecosystem. A place where my ideas had room to grow and to breathe and to develop through a specific process and workflow. And my content ecosystem has evolved over time as I consistently used it to consume and create.

And that's how the Consumer 2 Creator Lab was born.

The Consumer 2 Creator Lab is a Notion Workspace & On Demand Workshop designed to help you consume content with intent and remix it into new creative ideas you can publish.

👉 It's designed for the clipper who clips hundreds of articles but never seems to get round to reading them.

👉 It's designed for the dreamer who has so many ideas, but never seems to get around to publishing any of them.

👉 It's designed for the creator who is currently shipping, but it's a chaotic mess and if you don't do something soon you're going to burn out.

You'll get access to the full Consumer 2 Creator Template + A 90 Minute On-Demand Workshop & resource library where I show you how to get set up and start using the template.

Why This Isn't Just Another Notion Template

I debated for a long time whether to just create a template. But after some really great conversations, I realised that there is more value for people when I combine a template with the mindsets and systems around how it was developed and how it works.

You get the benefits of a fully functioning Notion workspace template, as well as my expertise as a Notion Ambassador and long-time workspace builder. I'll walk you through how to set up the C2C template so it works for your process and workflow. I don't believe in cookie cutter templates, everyone works a little different and we'll get you're workspace setup for you.

I'll also walk you through step by step how to use the workspace. Most people download random templates and then never end up using them. That's not going to happen here. We're going to walk step by step through how to use the template and I'll be right there alongside you.

+ I'll also provide some tips and guidance on how to consume and create content from my experience using and building the C2C Lab.

What People Are Saying About The Lab

What's included in C2C?

  1. The Consumer 2 Creator Notion Workspace
  2. This isn't a database. It's a carefully crafted ecosystem of templates and dashboards to skyrocket your creation and consumption.

    It Includes:

    👉 The Growth Hub. Where you clip, process and create notes from your content.

    A little sneak peak into the Growth Hub. Where you capture and consume your content.
    A little sneak peak into the Growth Hub. Where you capture and consume your content.

    👉 The Creation Hub. Where you ideate new content ideas, draft and publish.

    The Creation Hub where the magic of creation happens every day.
    The Creation Hub where the magic of creation happens every day.

  1. The Consumer 2 Creator On-Demand Workshop
  2. This is a 90-minute workshop where I'll walk you through all the ins and outs of the template, how to make it your own as well as some of my routines and mindsets around consumption and creating. Access the workshop on-demand, anytime you're ready to jump in.

  3. Direct Access to me (Ev)
  4. It is my absolute favourite things to help people build epic Notion workspaces that power their workflows. You'll have direct access to me via Twitter DM's & YAC Voice Communication.

  5. Lifetime Access to Updates & Resources.
  6. This is a one-time payment product. You'll always have access to the members area with resources and updates to the templates as they are released.

As this is a Notion template you will need a Notion account. A free account will be plenty to make this epic template function.