GUIDE: 30 Day Experiment Field Guide + Template

GUIDE: 30 Day Experiment Field Guide + Template

Don't Build Habits, Perform Experiments

Hi, I'm Ev and a few years ago I started using 30 day experiments to improve certain aspects of my life and build long term habits.

Experiments are the beginning of habits - they are a tester, before you want to commit to a long term to a habit. Experiments take the pressure off you by creating the constraint of 30 days. If you like how you feel at the end of the 30 day experiment then you can choose to continue the habit. Or pivot to something else that might serve you better.

It's about getting to a desired outcome and choosing habits that serve that outcome, rather than blindly implementing habits in your life.

Is there something magical about 30 days? Not necessarily. The magic lies in the power of a singular focus and the drive of a daily activity.

The Power Of A Singular Focus lasers us in. We don't need to focus on everything. Just this one 30 day action.

The Drive Of Daily Action builds momentum. Daily put you in a rhythm, compounds quickly & is easy to track.

The 30 Day Experiments Field Guide + Tracker Was Born

That's why I've created the 30 days experiments field guide + tracker. To help you build the life you've always wanted 30 days at a time. It's designed to help you get started and complete your 30 day experiments + track them through my custom Notion template.

๐Ÿ‘‰ The Field Guide is designed to help you understand the 30 day experiments mindset, plus give you the tools to be able to get started and most important, complete your 30 day experiments.

๐Ÿ‘‰ The 30 Day Experiments Tracker will help you focus on the best experiments to track, track each of them through 30 days and make decisions about whether you want to implement them long term into your life.

It's designed for the seekers in life who are constantly looking for ways to upgrade and improve their life.

It's designed for people who have failed miserably at building habits and need a way that works

Grab it before 21st June to access the pre-sale price.

This Isn't Just Another Notion Template, It's A Mindset

What you are really getting is my Mindset and system around upgrading your life. Don't get me wrong, the template is AMAZING. But it's not the magic. Implementing the lessons from the field guide and creating your own 30-day experiments mindset is the magic. The template will power the mindset.

A Peek Inside The Field Guide

There is so much content inside the field guide that I have never put out publicly


A Peek Inside The Tracker

Everything you need to choose, track and continue building habits.


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As this is a Notion template you will need a Notion account. A free account will be plenty to make this epic template function.