Notion Website Builder

Leverage The Simplicity Of Notion To Build A Website You'll Actually Use

Let's face it, websites are a beast. Once you've done the initial design they either lie dormant, or it's an absolute pain to make any updates.

Notion + Super has changed all of that. Discover true WYSIWYG website management where you don't have to remember a complicated password or dive into any code to update your site. Simply update it in the tool you already use and love - Notion.

Why you should consider building your website in Notion:

1. Easy to set up & easy to continue to update ongoing.

2. It's a visual platform so what you see is what you get.

3. It's easy to create visually appealing pages as well as embed media like videos, audio images and gifs.

4. If you're already using Notion, then you don't need to log in to another tool to update it.

Websites For Creators

Personal Sites | Portfolio Sites | Resume Sites | Content Sites

When it comes to being a creator on the internet you probably have lots of different content in lots of different places. From Twitter to Youtube to Medium. But what about a place your audience can come to see your full library of work?

Your website can house all of your content from articles to essays, videos, digital artwork and whatever else you love to create. Let's build a place where your audience can dive down the rabbit hole and discover ALL the things.

Choose From 2 Packages

Build From Template

You already have a template in mind that you like and you just need someone to set it up for you.

The Pack Includes

  • 30-minute Strategy Meeting
  • 2 Week Turn-Around
  • Template Setup
  • Choose from Super Templates
  • Connect Domain To Super
  • Simple CSS Tweaks (Look & Feel)
  • Ongoing Support through Fairy Godmother Pack

Build From Scratch

You need a custom look, feel & features for your website and need someone to build it out for you.

The Pack Includes:

  • 1 Hr Strategy Meeting
  • 4-6 Week Turnaround
  • Branding Strategy
  • Notion Setup
  • Fully Customised Design
  • Connect Domain To Super
  • Full CSS Tweaks to suit your brand
  • Ongoing Support Through Fair Godmother Pack