Friction To Flow Racket
Interviewing all my friends on the workflows they've built in their life to find ease and focus. Let's say launching May/June.
Twitter Spaces Dashboard
Notion Workspace
Organise everything you need to run kick-ass Twitter spaces. A collaboration project with Samantha Postman. Launch date TBA.
The High Vibe Hub
Workshop + Guide
A guide on how to up-vibe your life. My word of the year for 2021 was High Vibe. To round out the end of the year I want to put a guide together of everything I've learnt around living a high vibe life. Consider this a comprehensive review of all my high vibe experiments. What worked, what didn't and how you can live your own high vibe life.
Notion Website Build For Creators
Template + Guide
Steal my exact template that I used to create my website using Notion! Either set it up yourself or pay a little extra and I'll customise it for you.
A Guide To Zettelkasting
Workshop + Guide
Breaking down the book How To Take Smart Notes Into An Easily Digestible Guide that is nicer to read than the actual book with actionable tips to get started along the way.
30 Day Experiment Field Guide
Workshop + GuideNotion Workspace
A notion template and guide to help you build a portfolio of 30-day experiments to upgrade your life.
June 21, 2021
The Anti-Productivity Weekly Planner
Notion Workspace
Another template+workshop idea that builds on my weekly planning dashboard and workflow that I've been using over the past 10 years.
C2C Lab
Notion Workspace
A notion templates + workshop to help you build A Unique Content Ecosystem and Workflow that takes you from consumer to creator of content. Launching June 1
Notion Product Builder for Creators
Workshop + Guide
I believe Notion is one of the best ways to build knowledge products (and the easiest). But there are a million templates out there - so how do you stand out from the rest? This will be a hands-on course around creating your first knowledge product with Notion. The how-to's of setting up Notion, the pitfalls I've experienced, getting started with Gumroad, and all my best practices. And even if you're not creating templates, Notion can be a great way to capture and display ebooks, guides, and all sorts of other information products that creators might create.
July 4, 2021
Creators Build In Public Notion Template
A very meta template. If you want to create a build journal exactly like this one.