Your Secret Weapon In The War Against Screen Addiction

Your Secret Weapon In The War Against Screen Addiction

Stimulation. Our brain craves it.

We can't help but keep scrolling, keep searching, keep hitting play on the next video we are served. We can't seem to stop, we're addicted. And our whole digital lives are set up to satisfy this never-ending craving for more stimulation.

And yet the very thing we crave, is what leaves us overwhelmed and stressed.

I'm not a monk, suggesting you give up your digital life. But I've discovered four secret ways to immediately take control of the addiction and snap me back into life.

Take A Deep Breath

Our minds & our bodies are connected in such a way that we can send signals to the brain through what we do with our bodies. Breathe is one of those signals. Look away from the computer and take some big deep belly breathes. Notice how the overwhelm disappears and the world looks different.

Drink a glass of water

Not only is water great for your brain, but the biological act of drinking water can also change your mental state, in an instant. It breaks the pattern you are in and can be great for signaling a switch in state.

Stop and stretch

Much of our digital lives we are completely still except for maybe our thumb scrolling or our fingers typing. Feeling your body again through stretching kicks you out of that blind numbness you feel and back into your body.

Look up with a wide gaze

Most of our days are spent looking at a tiny little screen into an imaginary digital world. Look up, widen your gaze, look further than the few inches in front of your face for a few seconds.

Your body is your biggest ally in the fight for your primitive brain.

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