Writing Has Never Been Easier Since I Started This Practice

Writing Has Never Been Easier Since I Started This Practice

What do you do when you're committed to writing daily, but you just don't feel like it?

I've come up against a few of those days since committing to the daily pace of writing. As much as I have a library of ideas that are brewing, some days it's just not a hell yes on any of them.

So, whenever I'm feeling that way, I take some time to jump into my Though Lab & take a wander through my notes. Before long, some idea bubbles up and I've got something to publish.

And this is why for me, as a daily creator, the work starts long before I sit down to write.

  • The work starts when I sit down to engage with books, articles & podcasts every day.
  • The work starts when I take notes on what I'm consuming.
  • The work starts when I assimilate those notes into my thought lab and what I already know.
  • I put the work in long before I hit publish

Back to the story though... The other night when I didn't get a hell yes from any of the ideas in my Up Next list, as I wandered through my notes I found one I had written a year ago asking why so many people are obsessed with handwriting. Which triggered an essay I wrote in 20 minutes on how typing can increase your writing productivity.

A note I wrote One. Year. Ago.

If you put in the daily work of being curious, being obsessive about taking notes and engaging with content you'll build an idea factory that will work for you for YEARS.

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