Why You Probably Don't Need To Be More Consistent In 2023

Why You Probably Don't Need To Be More Consistent In 2023

Consistency. I bet it's on your list of 'want more of it' in 2023.

After all, it's the holy grail of productivity & self-improvement. And yet most of us feel like we're failing at it most of the time. But what if locking yourself into a rigid view of consistency is actually hindering you rather than helping you?

Fact: Life is constantly changing.

So what you're consistent with today, might not serve you tomorrow. As you grow & change each level demands something different. So rather than just chase consistency, work towards mastery.

The Cycle Of Mastery:

MASSIVE ACTION AT THE START. When you pursue something new you'll need a disproportionate amount of effort, action & consistency to get you moving in the early days before momentum (& results kick in). Consider this phase a sprint. It won't last forever, but it requires effort.

LET THE MAGIC OF MOMENTUM TAKE OVER. Once you've put in that effort & those early reps, momentum kicks in. This is magic because you start hitting your stride and you actually need LESS effort at this stage to keep that momentum going in the right direction.

NEW LEVELS REQUIRE NEW ACTIONS. Then the fun begins. Now you've mastered that level, a new level beckons with all the new actions & efforts required. And the cycle continues over and over again.

So if you're struggling with 'consistency' remember you only need consistency in those very beginning stages to get you going. After that momentum kicks in, mastery kicks in, and you're carried away by the joy of growth.

So don't make consistency the goal. Make growth the goal & use consistency where it's needed most.

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 28th December 2022 in Personal Operations