Why You Might Be Struggling To Grow As A Creator
Why You Might Be Struggling To Grow As A Creator

Why You Might Be Struggling To Grow As A Creator

I've been building my personal creator brand for the last 2 years.

In 2 years I've grown from 0-18k here on Twitter and people are always asking me what the secret key or tactic or hack to unlock growth is.

For me, it's a dead simple equation... it's ME (or YOU if you're reading this)

I've never seen a creator grow on a platform they weren't personally invested in. Not just ticking off that their posts for the day are done. But investing in connections & conversations. Literally obsessed with the platform.

And all of that takes... TIME.

Because you didn't think this creator thing was going to be some magic carpet ride right? RIGHT? πŸ™ƒ

This one mindset shifted me from 10 years of failed creative projects. Understanding that showing up in my power and energy every day (on whatever platform that expresses itself on) IS THE JOB.

It's literally my highest ROI task for the day.

But in the beginning, it doesn't always feel like that. In the beginning, it feels like an absolute grind (yeah we're doing real talk here today). And that's why you have to connect with as many people as you can in the beginning.

Because they make it fun when you're screaming into the void with your content.

But little by little. Day after day. By putting in the work and showing up... the ROI gets a little more evident, a little bit stronger. And before you know it your audience is BEGGING for you to show up.

So please remember this if you remember nothing from this essay... No one is you & that is your power.

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