Why Technology Can't Save You From Yourself

Why Technology Can't Save You From Yourself

Notion will not save you.

Neither will Roam. Or Obsidian. Or Asana. Or [insert other shiny new tool here]

Technology isn't a magic fix. Technology will only amplify your system

Bad System + Bad Software = A Nightmare

Bad System + Good Software = A Complete Mess

Good system + Good Software = Magic ✨

These are some of the frameworks I apply to every system and template I build. Feel free to steal them.

Make it easy to capture things into a trusted system. Whether that's a web clipper, an inbox tray (or forwarding emails into your Notion database πŸ€ͺ) create quick and easy ways to get things into your system. This reduces friction.

Take Time To Process & Triage. Set aside time each day or week to process everything incoming. Ideas, tasks, articles, etc. This is how you build trust with your system. Because you know you're going to get to everything that you capture.

Have everything you need to complete a thing in easy reach. Make it easy to 'do the things.' Have research notes handy, dump all the docs and files you need to complete a task. Basically, do the uphill work prior, so it's easier get the work done.

Batch Things Together To Conserve Energy. Every time you task switch it takes 20 minutes for your brain to get into that task. Work on similar things together - idea generation, planning, essay writing, reading. Batch things and switch between modes, rather than tasks.

My template won't generate essay ideas. It's not going to take the notes for you. It's not going to do your tasks. But adopting the systems and the mindset will change your life. You won't even need templates because you'll be able to apply it with any technology.

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