Why Over-sharers Are Building A Bigger Audience Than You

I'm naturally a sharer.

I love to share what I'm doing and what I'm learning. I'll easily take a screenshot, record a quick loom video or write out a process if I think it is interesting. I love taking a peek 'behind the scenes' of others processes too.

But I haven't always shared this way on social media.

Three people have particularly influenced the sharing style you see today and I want to share them with you my friends.

In Austin Kleon's book Show Your Work he says "Once a day, after you've done your day's work, find one little piece of your process that you share."

I try to think about something I can take a screenshot of, something I can talk about, something interesting that you might find interesting too, and share that.

In Daniel Vassallo's Everyone Can Build A Twitter Audience Workshop he talks about reflecting at the end of the day and asking yourself what happened today that my audience might find interesting... and share that.

For me that could be something I learned, something I noticed, something that inspired me.

And finally, Ben Issen from Supercreative summed all of this up in his Gems Habits article. Naming all of these interesting bits and pieces GEMS: pieces of your work in progress that you share.

This prompted me to really lock in this framework as a key part of building my audience and also build a GEMS Notion database to store all these cool behind-the-scenes things in.

I apply this same concept whether I'm talking about a product I'm building or the life I'm building.

Building in public doesn't have to be daunting. It can be as simple as asking yourself - What Did I Learn Today That Others Might Find Interesting?

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