Why New Creators Should Go Deep (not wide) On Platforms

Why New Creators Should Go Deep (not wide) On Platforms

Content alone isn't going grow your audience on content platforms.

As creators, our main 'thing' is creating content, so it's easy to see social media platforms as just big distribution channels to get more people to see what we are creating.

But if the internet is just one big distribution channel for your voice you are missing the point.

When we see platforms as distribution channels we can fall into the trap of just signing up for every shiny new platform of the moment and hitting 'publish' to get our stuff everywhere on as many different places as we can, but rarely spending time on the platform itself.

Rarely do I see new creators winning on ALL the platforms.

If you look at most successful creators they started on one platform and dominated it. They went all in. They created content for that platform. And once they mastered it, then they diversified to other platforms.

  • The best creators pick a platform and dominate it.
  • They play into the strengths of the platform.
  • They build content specifically for that platform.
  • They earn the right for their content to be consumed on that platform.
  • They learn everything there is about winning on that one platform.
  • They pick a platform they like and a medium they like creating in.
  • They participate with their audience, rather than just throwing content out.

Here's a thought... your content means very little if you are absent from the platform. As creators people are buying into you as much as they are buying into your content, so choose a platform you like creating on and go all in.

You'll be surprised at how much more successful you are as a creator when you get to know people, have conversations, and talk with your audience. Rather than just treating the internet as your personal soapbox.

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 22nd June 2022 in (PRO) Creator