Why Most Good Creators Are Failing To Launch Their First Product

Why would people buy this?

So many creators I speak to have a level of guilt that plagues them before launch. A niggling feeling that this seemed too easy to build or too obvious. Why would anyone pay money for this? Why isn't everyone creating this? Why would someone want to buy this from me?

And before we've even launched, the voice in our heads is shutting us down.

The ready-made meal industry is BOOMING in the real world. Why? Because people will pay for ease and convenience over having to cook something themselves. And it's exactly the same when it comes to your knowledge product.

Here are 3 reasons that people are buying knowledge products (even if they can build it themselves)

  1. They Are Time Poor. Some people are just busy and don't have weekends to spend going down internet rabbit holes to learn new things. They want to shorten the learning curve.

  1. They want a Fast Track. Some people just want to spend their time on other more important things to them. So they are willing to invest money into somebody else's product to shorten their learning curve.

  1. They buy into your unique process. The more you are learning and doing things in public the more credibility you build around your unique process. People buy into that. They want to peek behind the process and see how you do it.

You don't need to feel guilty about building a product that seems easy and obvious to you. The great news is that if it seems easy and obvious to you and people are begging you for it, you've hit a sweet spot.

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