Why It Took Me 18 Months To Start Writing On Medium

Why It Took Me 18 Months To Start Writing On Medium

It's the (new) age old question - Should you publish on Medium or your own blog?

Over the past few weeks, I've had multiple people ask me why I chose Medium over my own blog or substack or the many other platforms I could write longer-form content on.

The answer ultimately is - Medium is a distribution channel, not the home for my content.

In the same way, Twitter has also been a distribution channel for my atomic essays (while I keep a copy on my blog for longevity). But where most creators fail is they try to be on all the platforms all at once and it's just too overwhelming.

Here's how to dominate one platform at a time:

Choose One Channel. When you're first starting out choose one channel and master it. I chose writing atomic essays on Twitter as they give me quick feedback loops without too much risk to my time or energy.

Build A Library of content. Rather than diversify too quickly, build a library of content on one channel. I have over 300 atomic essays published on Twitter over the past year. So I don't struggle for new Medium article ideas.

Re-Mask for the platform nuances. I tried a direct post of my essays onto Medium and that failed miserably. Every platform has its different style and you have to accommodate for that. When took my essays as a base and built longer articles around it my Medium articles started to get traction.

It really doesn't have to be a zero-sum game. You can master multiple platforms as long as you build a substantial library of content to back you.

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