Why I'm Building A Portfolio Of Small Bets

This time last year the Australian government announced that every single one of my clients would have to close the doors to their business... in less than 24 hours.

I coach Gym & Fitness Studio Owners.

I remember sitting in our office and thinking - WTF!?!

How would we survive if our clients were out of business? It was a busy few months teaching them how to pivot, how to teach classes online, how to sell online training. And thankfully 95% of them survived.

But that WTF moment was sobering. This was my only income stream. I had invested 7 years of my life and career into this and it could all be taken away within 24 hours. That was a scary moment. And I was determined that I would NEVER experience that again.

This is why I've been building a portfolio of small bets since then. Working on side hustles and second income streams so I'm not ever put in that position again.

Here's some of the things I've been working on.

👉 Notion Ambassador. At the same time, I dived into the world of Notion which led me to become an ambassador. I've been building an audience and templates which I plan to monetise.

👉 Writing online. I've started writing online daily through ship30 and building an audience, which is more valuable than any money.

👉 Mini Workshops. I'd like to develop a series of mini workshops based on my experience with Notion. I don't want to add to the noise, but I do think I have a unique perspective I can bring.

I still love my job and don't intend to give it up anytime soon. And I think everyone should consider building a portfolio of small bets.

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