Why I Chose Yellow

My essays weren't always yellow.

That's right folks! The friendly little yellow essay that greets you today wasn't always how I showed up. When I first started writing essays they were peach. I know what you're thinking, you can't possibly imagine me being peach. But around halfway through my first cohort of ship30 for 30 I made a change. Why?

To get more attention.

Yep, the sweet little yellow essay had nothing to do with my personality, or my brand, or how much I liked the colour. It was based purely on how can I get more people to see my essays. Sorry to disappoint if you were waiting for some philosophical, deep answer.

And yet something magical happened.

The more yellow essays I produced, the more people started associating me with yellow. The more people associated me with yellow, the more they saw yellow in my personality. The more they saw yellow in my personality, the more yellow I became.

The yellow has come to represent so much more than just an attention-grabbing colour. It now represents who I am. That happy, bright, high vibe Aussie girl who shows up in your newsfeed every day ready to play and have some fun!

Did I choose yellow or did yellow choose me? Did I already embody yellow, or was it something that I grew into?

I don't have the answers, this is just a sweet little ode dedicated to the yellow essay.

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