Why I Choose You, Little Yellow Essay πŸ’›
Why I Choose You, Little Yellow Essay πŸ’›

Why I Choose You, Little Yellow Essay πŸ’›

I've been a daily creator from the beginning.

Back in March 2021, I started writing atomic essays every day on Twitter. It felt for the first time I had found the perfect medium to express my ideas consistently. I wrote hundreds of them that year.

But in 2022 I decided to write less daily essays and focus more on long-form content (because I thought that's what the 'grown up' creators do).

Except I felt like I lost my mojo.

What I realised is that my greatest power is in this little yellow essay. In showing up each day to wrestle with an atomic idea, practice my art & publish. Here's why:

It Primes The Pump. Knowing I'm going to publish something every day primes my creativity. It sounds counter-intuitive but rather than depleting my creative reserves, the more I write the more ideas I have. The action begets the action.

It Accelerates Things. Rather than posting 2x blogs a week, I get to take 365 shots on goal a year. And the faster I learn and am able to iterate.

Quick feedback loops. I don't have to wait very long for feedback on my ideas because I can get them out at an alarming rate and test them in the wild.

Trains me how to do hard things. It's not always easy (although I try to make it as easy as I can), but great things rarely come with ease. So it builds a resilience most don't have.

It gives you ideas to build on. Now you don't have to write long-form content from scratch. You've got lots of ideas to build on (& feedback on which ones resonate).

You might not write atomic essays. But finding a medium & a format you can share your atomic ideas regularly can be a catalyst for everything else you want to create.

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