Why I Can't Be Your Notion Girl

Why I Can't Be Your Notion Girl

If all the tools went away tomorrow, would you still have a system?

About 10 years ago I became one of Australia's very first ActiveCampaign certified consultants. It was a big deal and I went all in. I created content about ActiveCampaign, I spoke to people about ActiveCampaign, I taught workshops on ActiveCampaign.

I became the ActiveCampaign girl.

I find it insanely easy to write about tools and I naturally write about my systems and want to share my workflows because I'm geeky like that and it makes me excited. I did it for Evernote, for Trello and now I feel myself falling into the same trap with Notion & Roam.

The problem with writing about the tool is that people get the wrong impression that it's the tool that holds the key to a more productive, more creative, more organised life.

But the tool is just a shiny conduit for the system that I've been building over the last 10 years.

Tools change. In 10 years time Notion might go the way of Evernote and we'll be writing love letters to that app we used to use so long ago. What will continue with you forever is the system that you build.

Tools should advance your system. Each new app that I use makes me clearer on the system that I'm building. It introduces me to new concepts and new people who are doing cool things and thinking in different ways. And so the system evolves.

Focus on that system, think about it, write it down, evolve it. Become obsessive about your system, not tools.

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