Why Every Creator Should Write Notes Before They Write Content

Why Every Creator Should Write Notes Before They Write Content

Are the world's best writers also the world's best note-takers?

If you've been knocking around the creator world for a while you've probably had someone tell you that you should be keeping some kind of note library. But why? Why should you waste your time writing notes when you could be writing content?

Here are Two Reasons Why I Make Permanent Notes As A Creator (& I think you should too):

A Forcing Function for Thinking. Before I took notes I would just highlight or screenshot a bunch of stuff and file it away pretending one day I would find it again when I started creating content. Now, as I read I take really rough quick notes that I put in my writing inbox. Then every morning I take a few of those notes and I spend time thinking and writing about them to turn them into a permanent note that I can connect into my notes library.

A Bank Of Pre-Written Content. As I write my permanent notes I write in full coherent sentences & paragraphs as if I was writing this very essay. Eventually what I end up with is a bank of notes that are already pre-written. So if I'm writing an essay eventually on habits or note-taking I can scroll through my permanent notes and find any that fit with the content I want to write.

This is my absolute secret to getting so much content out and in so many different ways. I rarely sit down to 'write' content. I'm using my notes like modular lego blocks and constructing essays, articles, video outlines, posts, etc.

Start making permanent notes every day from your writing inbox and you'll be surprised at the doors of opportunity that open up to you for content and ideas.

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 7th February 2022 in Atomic Note-Taking