Why Creators Should Avoid Scale At All Costs To Make Their First $$ Online

Why Creators Should Avoid Scale At All Costs To Make Their First $$ Online

The internet has absolutely ruined us for real life

We are constantly bombarded with messages about scale. Build a SAAS company that can infinitely scale, create digital products that you build once & sell twice, free up your time and automate every process you can.

And while I wholeheartedly believe in using the infinite leverage of the internet, most people are thinking about scale way before they need to.

Take look at a real-life scenario. When I work with my marketing clients too many try to automate their sales processes before they have even talked to a person on the phone. Because that's what everyone tells them you should do.

They are essentially trying to solve a volume problem before they even have one

What they fail to realise is those early conversations (which don't scale) are invaluable for really understanding your audience in a way nothing else can. You start to understand their problems, struggles, dreams, motivations and more.

Everyone is looking for the leverage point, few are willing to put in the hard work first.

So stop letting the problem of scale hold you back from making some of your first early money as a creator. Rather than thinking about products, think about a service you can provide. Even better if that service includes talking to as many people in your target audience as you can.

Fill your calendar with as many meetings as you can. Solve people's problems one by one. And as you go, be on the lookout for patterns, similar challenges they all have. And with skin in the game, skill and credibility... you can then start to tackle the problem of scale.

This whole essay could have been summed up in a tweet in which I simply would have said... you can't skip to scale.

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