Why Are All The Creators Leaving Twitter?

Why Are All The Creators Leaving Twitter?

Twitter Impressions are down 😱

That seems to be the only thing I hear from creators at the moment. And yeah, it sucks. But it's not the first time they've gone through a dip, and it won't be the last.

Creators are obsessed with impressions like finance people are obsessed with the stock market.

But the reality is, just like the stock market - sometimes they are up and sometimes they are down. And you have no control over any of it.

Some days it's going to favour you and some days it won't.

Here's what the best finance people know and what good creators should too: Invest for the long term and your assets always increase. Be swayed by the day-to-day of the market and you'll always be frustrated.

So rather than abandon Twitter & jump ship to seemingly greener pastures, try this first:

Invest consistently. Forget the hacks & just continue to put your ideas out there regularly. Trust that time & patience will do it's work with your good investment.

Repurpose your best content. Take the content that works here on Twitter and reinvest it onto other platforms. Treat it as an expansion of your portfolio, rather than just jumping from one new platform to the next.

Be true to who you are. Sure you could go dancing around your lounge room for Tiktok views, but unless you really love doing that it'll never stick for you. Stick to the formats & the medium that you like creating in and invest for the long term.

Play the long game. It's the only game that works against the ups and downs of the algorithms.

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 29th June 2022 in (PRO) Creator