What I Learned From 30 Days Of TikTok (& Why I'm ALL In)

What I Learned From 30 Days Of TikTok (& Why I'm ALL In)

I've been cheating on Twitter the last 30 days.

My friend Tanya challenged me to spend 30 days creating short-form videos on TikTok and I'm always up for a good challenge.

TikTok has eluded me for some time. As a marketer, all I've heard for the past 2 years is how TikTok is the new big thing. And try as I might I just couldn't 'get it' (apart from a short stint during lockdown of Tiger King lip-sync videos).

But then I went all in for 30 days & everything changed. Here's what I learned:

Starting Is The Hardest. Admittedly I didn't have to start from scratch. I already had SOME audience. But those first two weeks were like pushing uphill. Small views, little engagement. It took some time for the algorithm to learn who I was and who my audience should be.

Shortform doesn't = less value. There is a stigma around short-form content that it's less valuable than other forms. That is BS. Good short-form videos should be more densely packed with value. Able to be consumed fast, but digested slowly. Think of the constraint as a way to get more creative (not less).

You still need quality ideas. Just because TikTok looks fun doesn't mean it has no substance. Every post still needs a solid idea & purpose behind it. You still need to provide massive value to your audience.

Content lasts much longer on TikTok. Whereas on Twitter a tweet is here today and gone tomorrow on TikTok content hangs around MUCH longer. A video I posted two weeks ago is still getting likes & comments today. This is HUGE as a creator.

Like it or not, short-form video is here to stay. It's not too late to start exploring this exciting medium to get your ideas out there in a different way.

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