What A Pile Of Laundy Taught Me About Finding Flow

I might be killing it with Atomic Essays, but that doesn't mean I've got my whole life together.

For instance, In the last two weeks, I haven't done any washing, I've been to the gym a mere 3 times and my house is a chaotic mess. Sure I've had some big things happening, like launching my first paid product. But surely not everything needs to go to crap.

So whenever I'm trying to solve a problem I always come back to the systems. What system can I change or put in place to make this easier?


Yep, that is the word. If something isn't immediately easy for me to do (especially when I'm busy), it creates friction that throws up a roadblock. I think to myself, I don't have energy for that, or I can't mentally deal with that right now.

Rather than berating myself for not being more disciplined, instead I ask myself...

How Can I Remove The Friction? Is there a simple system I can put in place that makes this flow more easily?

Let's take my pile of laundry for instance:

Where is the friction? I have to take time to sort it before it goes into the machine.

How Can I Find Flow? What if I sorted as I go?

So, now I have three stackable containers that I can sort my washing into and when I have a spare moment I can pop downstairs and put it in the machine. I've already done three loads today.

I just went from friction to flow. So next time you're stuck on something ask yourself, where is the friction and how can I find flow.

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