Weekly 3x3: Notebook Obsessions, Naming Permanent Notes, and How To Cultivate A Habit Of Curiosity


Welcome to The Weekly 3x3 By Ev | Edition 11 🎉

I've decided to change up the format of the newsletter just slightly. You've already been getting 3 of my own essays and 3 articles I've read in the week. Now I'm also including 3 tweets that I bookmarked throughout the week. Hence the 3x3 format.

I hope you like it... let's dive in.

⚡️ 3 Things I Created.

This week I wrote about how The Best Creators are Curious and how you can cultivate a habit of noticing. As I've been testing out & learning Roam Research it got me thinking about How Our Brains Can Work On Command & I created a few commands including how to put your brain into deep work. And yesterday I started a small series on The Daily Practices That Every Creator Should Cultivate.

👉 The library is growing rapidly, catch up on all my essays here

💻 3 Things I Consumed.

To get your brain firing, here are some things I've read this week from around the internet that I've found interesting...

Tending Evergreen Notes in Roam Research

I've been diving into Roam this week and came across this article by Maggie Appleton. Whether you use Roam or not there are some really good tips on how to name permanent notes by using declarative statements.

👉 Read here

11 Habits Of The Prolific Creator

So much resonated for me in this article from Jessica Lynn about the habits of prolific creators. I especially liked, write what you're interested in and take ideation seriously.

👉 Read here

How And Why To Keep A Captain's Log

I'm a little obsessed with notebooks & documentation lately, so this one from Shaunta Grimes caught my attention. Call it a captains log, an everyday notebook, a common notebook. All the best artists from history kept one. If you need some inspiration to start documenting in a notebook, this is it.

👉 Read here

🐦 3 Tweets I Bookmarked.

Come join a 100 Day tweet challenge that Jay Clouse is starting.

A while back I wrote about my Twitter Engagement system, which was inspired by Dave Beck's system. Now Alex is moving it forward with his own system. And this is why I love the Internet.

Want to create a juicy Twitter bio? @julian always has the answers.

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Come join the conversation on Twitter, it's much more fun with friends.

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