Weekly 3x3 Newsletter: Slow Reading, Lag Measures & Our Brain At Rest

Weekly 3x3 Newsletter: Slow Reading, Lag Measures & Our Brain At Rest


Welcome to The Weekly 3x3 By Ev | Edition 13 🎉

This week I've been working hard on my creator habits of reading & note-taking as well as working on some new and exciting products coming out throughout September. Plus lots of writing about How I Work. So...

Let's dive in.

⚡️ 3 Things I Created.

I've been labouring over a long-form Medium article about my notebook habit that just hasn't been coming together. So I wrote an atomic essay instead to clarify my thoughts and get it out. It happened to resonate with a lot of people. Read about my new creator notebook habit here.

I also wrote about why I spend a disproportionate amount of time thinking about how I work and why more people should. And ended the week with a piece on what our brains are doing at rest, and why all of us should consider getting some more.

I ended my week with an excellent conversation with Esther Nagle on How Writing Can Be Therapy.

💻 3 Things I Consumed.

To get your brain firing, here are some things I've read this week from around the internet that I've found interesting...

[PODCAST] The Tim Ferris Podcast: Anne Lamott On Taming Your Inner Critic, Finding Grace, and Prayer

I took Anne & Tim out on my morning walks this week. If you've read bird by bird you'll simply love hearing Anne chatting with Tim. I was especially moved when she talked about how for years she gave the best of herself to everyone else and only the leftovers to herself, and how she turned that around to become the centre of her world.

[ARTICLE] Slow-Reading Is The New Deep Learning

This one is long and deep, so grab a coffee and take some time to savour it. Find out how to become a voracious slow reader by truly engaging with the content you read, rather than in some insane race to read the most books this year. You'll also learn a lot about how the brain works to process information - it's fascinating.

👉 Read here

[ARTICLE] How To Realistically Improve Your Productivity With the 4DX System

This article got me thinking more about lead & lag measures as we develop habits and new behaviours. Lead measures are solid behaviours we can measure, while lag measures are the result of those behaviours. 

👉 Read here

Don't forget to check out my growing library of interesting articles at the bottom of my website. I'm trying to add some interesting ones to it every week.

My friend Sean Oliver tweeted this about how to focus your attention and it caught my eye.

Following on from my obsession with slow reading, I found this great wisdom from Julian Shapiro.

If you could only spend an hour on Twitter a day, this is how Alex Lull suggests you use it and I agree wholeheartedly.

Till next week superstars,


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Copy of Weekly 3x3 Newsletter: Slow Reading, Lag Measures & Our Brain At Rest
Copy of Weekly 3x3 Newsletter: Slow Reading, Lag Measures & Our Brain At Rest