Want To Accelerate Your Results? Find Ways To Show Up Daily

Want To Accelerate Your Results? Find Ways To Show Up Daily

When starting something new you should probably find a way to do it daily.

For years I thought the way to become a creator was to write two blogs a week (or 2 podcasts or two vlogs). After all, that seemed like a reasonable amount of writing each week.

Except I could never stay consistent enough to stick at it long enough to see tangible results.

Because like it or not, in the beginning, results are an important signal to our brain to keep going. And doing something daily speeds up those results dramatically.

Let's compare two different new creator scenarios:

You decide you want to become a creator and you're going to write 2 medium articles a week. You get started. And it's good at first. It's manageable. But after a month you only have 8 articles.

And it's hard to know if it's really working with just 8 articles.

The second scenario: You decide you want to become a creator and commit to publish something daily. Maybe not a whole article, but something each day. In a month you have 30 things published.

And 30 is a number you can start to see even a small result from.

Let's build the timeline out further to 100 days.

Scenario 1: You have 28 things published in 100 days. Not a bad result, but still less than the first 30 days of scenario 1.

Scenario 2: You have 100 things published in 100 days & momentum is really starting to kick in.

Now I'm not saying you need to continue on the daily cadence forever or burn yourself out in the process. I am saying you need to find a way to sustainably show up each day to signal to your brain that you are making good progress.

5 minutes or 5 hours. One tweet or a blog post. All you have to do is find a way to show up every day

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 26th September 2022 in Personal Operations