Three Ways To Show Up When You Don’t Feel Creative

Three Ways To Show Up When You Don’t Feel Creative

I've been struggling to write and create content lately.

Oh, you didn't notice (or maybe you did)? I'm good at hiding it. I mean I have put content out there - but haphazardly. I have ideas, but every time I sit down to write and publish I'm blocked.

And it hasn't just been a few days or weeks. It's been months.

I feel empty of good ideas. And I'm not writing this to make you feel sorry for me. I want to be as transparent as possible as a creator. Because it can look like we're invincible & never have a bad day.

I live in Australia. Three years ago we were in the worst drought in years. If you looked in at that moment in time you might think it would never rain again. And yet three years later we've had three years of relentless wet seasons with devastating floods.

Just because the well is dry right now doesn't mean it will be dry forever. Your next season could be the best of your life if you don't give up.

Here Are Three Things I'm Doing To Prime My Creativity Pump For The Next Season.

Rest. So many times we think we have to push through, when in fact rest & space will bring the breakthrough we need. So I'm allowing myself some rest and space.

Inspiration Daily. Getting back to my non-negotiable writing inbox time in the morning to make sure I'm filling myself with sparks of inspiration.

Do the thing. Rather than stopping altogether, I'm committing to doing the thing - sitting at my computer and writing words to publish. Because I know movement works, just getting the gears turning works.

I sincerely hope this is helpful for anyone struggling with their creativity or creator journey at the moment. I know it definitely helped me to get this out into the world.

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 17th November 2022 in (PRO) Creator