Three Ways To Finally Do The Thing You've Been Putting Off

Three Ways To Finally Do The Thing You've Been Putting Off

I almost signed up for an 8 week summer book writing bootcamp this morning on Instagram.

I don't need another Bootcamp or mastermind or course to actually write my book. I have an outline, I have half the content for it already! But I thought maybe this is what I need to get this thing finished.

I can't tell you how many masterminds, bootcamps, courses and more I've signed up for in the hope that it will finally be the thing that makes me 'do the thing.' Now there are definitely times for learning how to do things, but...

In reality, the only way to do the thing... is to do the thing.

So, I stopped just short of signing up. Because as much as I believe in accountability, mentoring & coaching I know it will only be a distraction for what I really need to do which is just sit at my computer and write.

If you fall into this trap too, here are three ways you can actually just 'do the thing.'

Do the thing. Just decide for yourself that you're not going to sign up for another course or mastermind. Instead, sit down every day and do the thing you've been putting off for God knows how long.

Do the thing. You probably don't need more knowledge, more tips or someone to tell you what to do or hold your hand while you do it - just do it.

Do the thing. It doesn't have to be a heavy lift all the time. Find small ways to do what you need to do every day. Small incremental progress made daily is better than one big sweeping move forward every once in a while.

OK enough talking... I'm off to 'do my thing.'

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 17th June 2022 in Personal Operations