Three Questions About Rest The Internet Couldn't Answer

Three Questions About Rest The Internet Couldn't Answer

Yesterday I searched Google for the phrase 'How To Stop'

I couldn't exactly articulate what I was trying to find, but basically, I wanted some advice on what it looks like to slow down, stop, & rest. I assumed I'd find some advice on this exact thing. Except I didn't.

Instead, the only results that came up were on How To Stop Procrastinating.

Granted it was an ambiguous search. But all I got back was page after page about how to get MORE work done. And it highlighted to me a fundamental flaw in the internet and ultimately my own programming.

I'm a self-confessed workaholic. Much more comfortable working than just being. So focused on doing, I don't (or won't) stop & rest. So used to be 'on' that I don't even know what 'off' feels like anymore.

And so while I have some time off over the next few weeks I want to explore some questions I have about REST.

What does REST really mean in our modern world?

Does it look like reading a book? Switching off to Netflix or Prime? Should I be meditating or doing breathwork? Sleeping? Being in nature? Turning off all screens? Sitting still for days?

And what does REST even feel like?

What do our bodies feel like on rest? Is it like those video games when you get some kind of 'power-up' and you feel invincible? Or is it something quieter that you have to really tune in for?

How much REST do we need?

Will I know it when I achieve it? And how long does that take? Will an hour do? Longer? A Week? Maybe it depends on how long since our last pit stop.

And so like any good quest I'm left with more questions than answers. So let's begin.

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 2nd January 2023 in Personal Operations