Three Bad Habits To Ditch in 2023 For More Energy & Headspace

Three Bad Habits To Ditch in 2023 For More Energy & Headspace

We all Need More Headspace

You know - time & space to think & make better decisions. More time & space to be creative at a deeper level. A magical place where you can achieve more with less effort.

And yet there is one big enemy to headspace: open loops.

Open loops are things that your brain still considers open. There's a fancy word for it called The Zeigarnik Effect which is essentially this: our brain has a tendency to focus on things that are incomplete.

Think of it like those bunch of tabs open in your browser right now. You keep them open because you don't want to lose some important information. But the longer they stay open, the more resources they drain from your CPU.

It's the same with our brains. The more we have 'open' the less focus & energy we have for what we want to work on in the present.

Three Open Loops Are The Biggest Sucks On My Headspace

Keeping Things In My Head. This is essentially like keeping a tab open. Create a simple space where you can write things down and find them later (a simple notebook will do)

Leaving Things Till Tomorrow. This is my worst habit. I even have a placeholder in my daily page called "All The Things I'm Putting Off Till Tomorrow." Rather than put them off, towards the day choose one thing from your list you don't want to put off and get it done.

Letting the piles 'pile up.' I think you can guess what happens when you keep putting things off. They pile up. And the more they pile up the bigger & harder they become. Keep your piles small.

If you can close these three open loops, you'll have far more headspace, energy & time every day to do what you love.

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 20th December 2022 in Life By Design