Thoughts On Building A Daily Energy Tracker: An Experiment

I'm obsessed with energy.

Is it limited? How do we get it, how does it diminish throughout the day? Can we get more of it? And more personally, what are the activities that fill up my battery, and what activities drain it of energy. I've been experimenting with uphill and downhill tasks to visually see the balance of energy-giving and energy taking tasks I've scheduled that day.

But what if I could go further? What if I could build an energy calculator that tracks everything and gives me an output at the end of the day?

Yeah, I told you I was obsessed with energy.

Here's how I think it could work

⚡️ You would have to start each day with a baseline energy reading, let's say this is 100 to make it easy.

⚡️ If you got a full 8 hours sleep you start at 100. If you get less, you would lose some points.

⚡️ Every activity throughout the day is either going to increase the energy or decrease the energy reading

⚡️ For instance 5 minutes of breathwork might give me +10 or 20 minutes of meditation might give me +20

⚡️Staring at a screen for 8 hours without getting up might be -50 points?

⚡️ Energy would naturally deplete throughout the day, but not sure how to measure that yet

Throughout the day this would be represented by some kind of progress bar in Notion and at the end of the day, I could compare the progress bar to my actual energy and then make adjustments to the points system. OK, now you are really starting to see the true geeky side of Ev.

Time to Build It!

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