This Simple Practice Transformed Me Into A Prolific Creator

This Simple Practice Transformed Me Into A Prolific Creator

If you want to be a serious creator, you have to get serious about capturing ideas.

My idea library is the single biggest key to my success as a creator and the reason I have been able to create so consistently over all this time.

Having an idea library means:

  • When I'm on firing on all cylinders I have somewhere to dump ideas for the future
  • When I'm busy I can just pick up an idea that I've already dumped and quickly write about it.
  • Gives me security that even when I go through the dip I'll still have a bank of ideas to fall back on.
  • I don't have to write about that idea on that day. I can develop it over time knowing it's captured in my library

Here are my rules for building an idea library that will never let you down

  • Consume content. By far my best ideas come when I'm consuming lots of interesting content. And not just consuming, but taking notes and really diving down the rabbit holes.
  • Capture The Idea. I don't care if you use Notion, Roam, Apple Notes or whatever other new shiny notes app you're obsessed with. It's not the tool that makes the magic, it's the ease and practice of capturing the idea.
  • Do A Brain Dump. Never write an idea down without a quick brain dump. It might be a few bullet points, or a whole essay. Now when you sit down to write you've got something to start with, not a blank page.

Don't leave idea generation to chance. Stop chasing ideas and start making your ideas work for you.

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