This One Thing Stands Between You And Your Favourite Creator

I'm tempted to stop my daily creator count.

Not because I'm not proud of it. I am. And it gives me fuel every day I can advance the counter. But what I never want it to become is a roadblock for new creators who look at it and think, I could never do that. Because 123 days ago that counter was 0.

123 days ago I was preparing to ship my first essay. All I knew was that I was committed to a 30-day experiment. I didn't have any thoughts past that. I worried if I would even get to 30 days (and trust me it almost didn't happen).

But day 1 came and I hit publish, then day 2 I hit publish again and so the story goes till today. My focus each day is to ship, not to the chase the number. Every day I have to make the decision to hit publish again whether that's day 1 or day 1000.

  • Every creator starts at 0
  • Every creator started with 0 followers
  • Every creator had their day 1
  • Every creator wrote or published something they hated
  • Every creator had moments they wanted to give up
  • Every creator had false starts
  • Every creator had moments where they quit

And every creator will wake up today and have to make a commitment to ship again

So stop comparing yourself to creators who you perceive to be ahead of you. Today the playing field is equal. Everyone who hits publish today is a winner.

All that matters today is that we all hit publish.

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