This Is Why You Are Unproductive...

This Is Why You Are Unproductive...

I spend a disproportionate amount of my time thinking about How I Work.

Productivity gets kind of a bad wrap these days. And I struggle most of the time to describe what I write about because I don't want to be seen to feed into 'productivity culture.' I started calling it Anti-Productivity, but the truth is I'm not anti-productivity.

I just have an unusual obsession with thinking about HOW I WORK.

I'm constantly thinking about ways to get my BEST work done (not just any work). I'm obsessed with finding BETTER ways to do things, so I can have time to ENJOY the good things in life.

And I unapologetically tinker with my systems like I'm some kind of WD-40.

I can hear the naysayers right now - 'But what could you have been doing with all that time you spent tinkering around with your system?'

Mate, I have a full-time job, I create part-time, I'm a co-founder of a SAAS company and I have some kind of life in the middle of it all. I don't think anyone wants to argue with me about how productive I am and how much shit I produce, OK?

And from what I can see, most people could do with a little more thinking about how they work and a little less shooting from the hip trying to do all the things with an inefficient system.

The problem is, that we see productivity as something to attain. Like one day it will be finished and we'll reach the peak. But just like Mark Z in The Facebook Movie says Facebook will never be finished... so your system will never be finished.

Here's your permission slip to keep thinking, keep tinkering. And sure get some F-ing work done in between.

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