These 4 Daily Practices Will Turn You Into An Effortless (& Prolific) Creator

These 4 Daily Practices Will Turn You Into An Effortless (& Prolific) Creator

I've never run out of ideas in the year I've been writing online

My ideas list is always overflowing with new things to write about & I often get asked where I get so many writing ideas from. The truth is much simpler than you might think. Every one of my ideas comes out of my daily note-taking practices.

These 4 daily note-taking practices fuel my wholecreative life:

Take Notes While Reading. I call these 'Spark Notes' because they are sparks of insight that comes up as I consume content. They are usually ugly, messy quick scratches that act as a placeholder for further thinking. They form the basis of the writing inbox.

Write & Think Daily From The Writing Inbox. Most people stop at step one and never really experience the benefit of note-taking for creators. Successful creators develop a daily practice of diving into the writing inbox and using the spark notes as a jumping-off point for thinking & gaining insight around topics & ideas. Writing permanent notes is the conduit for that thinking.

Build Up Your Thought Lab. My thought lab is where I store my library of permanent notes - My independent thought about an idea or concept. Each note is connected into a cluster that grows over time. These clusters form the basis of all my future writing.

Create From The Overflow . The hard work of creating is done every day in the daily practices of taking notes, thinking in the writing inbox & building up clusters of notes. Now when you are looking for ideas to write about you can wander through your library of notes & ideas and take your pick.

Publishing becomes effortless because you've put in the hard work of note-taking upfront & the rest is the easy part.

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