The Ultimate iPad Note-Taking App That You're Probably Ignoring

The Ultimate iPad Note-Taking App That You're Probably Ignoring

I've basically been ignoring the Apple Notes app until yesterday.

I use the iPad as my main content consumption device. And while it's great for consuming content, unless you have a keyboard attached it's pretty rubbish for note-taking. And really if I need a keyboard I might as well just use my 13-inch Macbook Air.

But I still constantly live in hope that one day I'll find a more intuitive way to consume and take notes on the iPad. And it turns out there is. It's called Apple Notes.

After re-installing it yesterday I was surprised at how good an experience it was for taking notes. Here's why:

Swipe Up. So if you have the new iPad OS 15 you can swipe up from the bottom right and take a quick note from anywhere.

Type or write. Seamlessly switch between typing or writing with the Apple Pencil depending on whether you have the keyboard or Apple Pencil (or both).

Split Screen. Have your book or articles on one side of the screen and the notes app on the other. Bonus that this reminds you you're there to take notes.

Copy To Text. This is the game-changer for me. I can scribble down my notes in my own handwriting, select them like text and then paste them into my literature notes - as text.

Infinite Scroll. Don't worry about pages, just keep scrolling down and you get more room to write.

Who would have thought that the humble Apple Notes apps would have made me the most excited about using my iPad in years?

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