The Three Things I'm Writing About In 2023

The Three Things I'm Writing About In 2023

Everyone tells you to find your niche, nobody tells you just how long it might take.

I've been writing online for 2 years & almost every day I hear someone say 'find your niche.' And while I understand in theory why it's important, practically I've never been able to land on just one thing.

I'm convinced that finding your niche is more of a continuous process rather than an outcome you achieve.

To find your niche you'll have to feel lost first. You'll have to write about a lot of things. Most will fail, some will rise to the top, and some will absolutely light you up. And the more you follow the signals, the more you'll start to discover your niche.

Well, That's How I did it anyway.

My best bet at 'naming' my niche for 2023

(and what you'll hear more about coming into the new year

Spark Note-Taking. I'm still bullish on making notes & building knowledge. I'll be writing even more about my writing inbox, how to find joy in note-taking & building a practice that fills you with joy each day.

Turning (PRO) Creator. I'm diving even more into the mindset of 'Turning Pro' as a creator. Going full-time is not possible for many people, but turning PRO in your mind is the first step to mastering being a creator.

Personal Operations. As much as I don't want to write about productivity, I'm still obsessed with learning about how I best function in this world. Not for the purpose of more work, but for a bigger expansive life.

And that's it! Two years of writing boiled down into three BIG topics. Lots to explore... hope you'll join me on the journey.

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