The System I Use To Generate Unlimited Atomic Essay Ideas

This essay will be my 44th day of writing in a row.

One of my biggest fears, when I started ship30, was how would I come up with new ideas every day to write about. Turns out that was totally unfounded. I've never been stuck for an idea and I currently have over 100 atomic essay ideas in my bank.

Some ideas happen serendipitously. In the shower or walking home from the bottle shop. But if you want a foolproof way to never run out of ideas, you need a process.

This Is My Process.

Every Sunday I sit down and review the past week's essays....

Check the stats. I sift through my Twitter Analytics to see which ones resonated.

I ask myself, why did this work? Was it the topic, the style, the headline?

Take what worked and generate ideas. Can I break down the topic even further? Is there something I could add? Is there another approach I could make? I go back through my Twitter comments to see if there are any questions that might be answered in a future essay. I also use Nicolas Cole's proven approach method to write from a different perspective.

Follow Your Interests. Now I've got a bank of ideas I choose the ones I'm most excited about and move them to my up next board to be worked on throughout the week. I NEVER force ideas to be written.

If all else fails and I'm still stuck for an idea, I dive into my growth hub to read a book or article that I've saved. Before long, an idea pops up and my streak is saved!

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