The Secret Life Of Creators, Making Incremental Progress, & Choosing The BIG EASY

The Secret Life Of Creators, Making Incremental Progress, & Choosing The BIG EASY

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There is a definite theme in my writing this week that wasn't intentional about finding flow & ease in your work. I wrote a thread about the secret life of a creator and all that is happening below the surface to get that content out into the open. Second, if you're waiting for perfect conditions to write every day you'll rarely hit publish, here's how I use incremental progress to publish each day. Lastly, a quick thread on my BIG EASY framework and how I choose what to work on each day.

Also, check out some of my Medium articles this week:

πŸ’» 3 Things I Consumed.

To get your brain firing, here are some things I've read this week from around the internet that I've found interesting...

[Article] Mimetic Desire: The Hidden Force That Influences Everything in Our Lives

A great article on how society & social media often shape our desires and goals without us even being aware of it. Learn how to create your own models of desire apart from what you are conditioned to see on social media.

[Article] 6 Unusual Things I Wish I Knew Earlier as a Content Creator

If you're a creator, you should read this. Never assign value to unpublished content, quality improves over time, put in the work & don't care too much about what you publish. These were just some of the points I pulled out of this great article.

[Article] How to make daily writing easy: Preparation, preparation, preparation

Jason pumps out great content every single day and this one is a banger. So many practical principles on how preparation can make your life as a creator easier.

🐦 3 Tweets I Bookmarked This Week

My friend Kevon is launching his new course Build in Public Mastery. Building in public was honestly one of the best things I have done this year and if you're keen to build something I couldn't recommend this enough.

I found this thread from Harsh incredibly useful. I'm always looking for easier ways to create content and he has some excellent ideas. Look out for two extra threads he points to with 100+ quick ideas for tweets.

This tweet from Jeremy caught my eye this week. I love the idea of scheduling growth tasks, not just for podcasts but for all of our projects.

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