The Real Magic In Writing 250 Words Atomic Essays Daily

Anything is possible now that you can write 250 words in under an hour.

My biggest fear when starting ship 30 for 30 wasn't that I wouldn't be able to write 250 words, it's that I would write too many words! I'm a writer at heart and can easily bang out 600-1000 words.

Except I didn't. Or I did very rarely.

But in the last 2 months I've written 250 (closer to 300) words every single day. That's around 18,000 words. That's more words than I've probably every published in my life. Because I've turned it into a small daily habit.

For me 250 words is always a manageable chunk of words even on my busiest days. So now that I now I can write 250 words daily, the possibilities seem endless.

Here are all the things you could complete by writing 250 words daily:

  • That book you've always wanted to complete. An average book is around 250 pages which would take you 250 days (less than a year) to complete.
  • That 10-page guide or ebook you've always wanted to put out? You could knock that together in 10 days if you wrote 250 words every day.
  • An Academic Paper or Journal Article of around 4000 words, just 16 days.
  • A play or fiction book would take you around 300 day to complete
  • Always wanted to write for a publication? You've already got a library of work, submit it and see what happens

Don't discount the power of small daily habits. They'll compound quicker than you think they will. OK, I'm off to complete that book that's been sitting in my drafts for the past 8 months.

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